Early Noteworthy Gravesites

The first family to arrive and settle in what became Fort Atkinson was the Dwight Foster family on Nov. 10, 1836. Dwight’s father, Edward Foster, Sr. was the first person to die in the village, on Oct. 13, 1837.  He and his family are interred at the Evergreen Cemetery.

A noteworthy interment in the cemetery is that of Sarah (Ruggles) Stafford, the first white European born in the Hawaiian Islands.  She was born in 1820 and is buried at Evergreen Cemetery along with her parents, Samuel and Nancy Ruggles, and her husband, George Stafford.

Stafford Marker showing Sarah Ruggles

Many of the Fort Atkinson’s early community leaders and their families are buried at the cemetery.  They include former Governor William Dempster Hoard, Oscar Cornish, Lucien Caswell, Lucien Caswell Jr.,  David Curtis, Nathan Greene, William D. James, Monmouth H. Ganong, Henry E. Southwell, Charles & Mary Worcester.